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Rollo Powder Coating

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Rollo Powder Coatings are Decorative, Protective and can be: Resistant to Abrasion, Chemical, Corrosion, Electrical, Impact, Sound, Thermal and Weather and Anti-Graffiti.


Our sandblasting services can efficiently handle projects of any size, from on-site small bridges & water towers, to heavy construction, military complexes and industrial equipment.

Surface Prep

All blast operations are conform to SSPC standards, OSHA and EPA requirements

AQUEOUS - An Alkaline water based soak and spray system for cleaning parts.

ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING (SANDBLASTING) uses the forceful direction of compressed air and abrasive media against the surface of a product, to old paint, rust, heat scale, and contaminants. It give the surface a rough finish that enhances the bonding of any organic coating. Blast media used include aluminum oxides, steel shot and grits, glass bead, and plastic media.

MANUAL PRESSURE BLASTING - Manual blasting in unlimited sizes / Maximum weight is 10,000 pounds. Material is reclaimed and classified to insure consistent blast profiles and surfaces conditioning.

PHOSPHATING - Pre treatment using tiny phosphate crystals to produce coatings that retard corrosion and promote better bonding for organic finishes such as paint and lacquers or a base for oils, waxes and rust preventatives.

POWER WASHING - Exterior high pressure spraying of environmentally safe chemical treatments to remove loose paint, rust, dirt, graffiti and contaminants.

HAND TOOLS - Scrapers, sandpaper, and wire brushes

POWER TOOLS - Sanding disks, needle guns, rotopeening machines