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Rollo Powder Coating

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Rollo Powder Coatings are Decorative, Protective and can be: Resistant to Abrasion, Chemical, Corrosion, Electrical, Impact, Sound, Thermal and Weather and Anti-Graffiti.

Military Spec Coatings

Rollo Powder Coatings meet the stringent requirements of military specifications for CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) integral to weapons systems that may offer superior camouflage or other properties specific to the end use requirement. CARC coatings are on restricted availability by the U.S. Government. It is illegal to supply registered CARC coatings to any organization and/or group other than U.S. Government contracts or for Canadian Government contracts for use in Canada. The CARC system consists of metal pretreatment such as alodine on aluminum or phosphate coating on steel, a primer coating and a topcoat.

MIL- P- 53022 - is a Corrosion Inhibiting Epoxy Polyamide Coating intended for use on properly cleaned and pretreated ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. It is a lead and chromate free primer that may be used to replace MIL-P-52192 and MIL-P-23377 where exposure to Lead & Chromate pigments is not permitted. For use over Aluminum and Steel substrates to provide chemical and corrosion resistance.

MIL- C- 53039 - references nineteen colors with Tan 686A as one its colors. This specification has only one type and has a VOC content that does not exceed 3.5 pounds per gallon or 420 grams per liter.