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Rollo Powder Coating

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Rollo Powder Coatings are Decorative, Protective and can be: Resistant to Abrasion, Chemical, Corrosion, Electrical, Impact, Sound, Thermal and Weather and Anti-Graffiti.


Established in 1992, Rollo Advanced Design is a full-service powder coater with multiple capabilities for a variety of different applications. We are small enough to handle custom jobs, yet large enough to handle high volume requirements. Our specially trained staff is able to develop a time table for your order that assures completion in an expeditious manner. At the same time, quality control is first and foremost.

Powder Coatings
Powder coatings provide a beautiful and durable finish, superior corrosive protection and can be used on a wide variety of metal parts. Cured at higher temperatures than many wet coatings, the result is a generally tougher, and chip resisting coating providing both a decorative and protective finish. As product and furniture designers move away from standard square and rectangular shapes to more elliptical forms, rounded corners and contoured edges, powder coatings are being used more and more.